Patterning based DTCO研发工程师

Job Requirements

1、M.S. or Ph.D. in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, optical engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, or related fields.
2、Python/Perl/Tcl/C++/C programming capability.
3、Skilled at one or more of the following areas: model simulation, numerical/ statistic data analysis, signal/image processing, machine learning algorithms, control algorithms, graph theory application, layout database handling, and related fields.


Job Responsibilities:

Work on the following fields in Linux environment:
1、Assist in AMEDAC patterning based DTCO field.
2、Optimize design based on OPC simulation.
3、OPC flow integration with other DTCO module.
4、Work closely with AE team for OPC recipe optimize to fix the weakpoints.


Education: 硕士/博士




Location: 合肥/上海



2021年9月2日 17:10
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