R&D Software Development Engineer/Manager

Job Requirements

1. M.S. or Ph.D. in computer science, computational engineering, computational science, or related fields.
2. Four years or longer hands-on experience on C++/C, CUDA, or Python programming. 
3. Demonstrated software development and technical skills.
4. Proficient in software design patterns and object oriented programming.
5. Excellent software debugging skills. Able to use a software analysis tool to examine or profile the code.
6. Skilled on one or more of the following areas: Machine learning, control algorithms, signal/image processing, scientific computation, statistics, layout database, polygon geometry math, parallel computation, and related areas.


Job Responsibilities:

Work on one of the following fields in Linux environment:
1. Computational software engine or algorithm development.
2. Large software system integration. 
3. Software performance enhancement in accuracy or speed.
4. Machine learning system development.


Education: 硕士/博士


Majorcomputer science, computational engineering, computational science, or related fields


Location: 合肥




2020年9月17日 18:09
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